Friday, July 2, 2010

IIT-JEE 2009 : Two State , Two Cities but same results.....

  • Over 33 common students claimed by GENIIUS INSTITUTE Kanpur as well as Rankers point Indore.


  1. Hey I'm one of the qualified in IITJEE 09 from Rankers Point.

    My identity is questioned in the post.

    I'm from Indore but what happens is Rankers Point & Genius Institute organize joint test series & therefore many students become common students of both the institutes.There is no fraud in d results TRUST ME.

  2. But my dear they write in their ads all the students r from classrooms only. They always say in their ads they give only classroom results, they believe in authenticity only. Then why they mislead us. & tell me the reason of conducting FREE test series. If these people can't alllow a single student for a single day without payment of fee then what happens in the last of every session so that start free test series, Just to gather more photographs na. If they really have some sympathy with needy students then they shd really do in favor of students in beginning. And tell me have they ever said in their ads that they conduct test series in Kanpur. Everybody is talking abt Anurag don't forget purchased result from 2007 onwards.

  3. Now RP is sending message to everybody that media is being misused to defame them. But they also used media to give them fame. They were not awarded by media coz of really worth work. they were awarded coz of giving huge money to media, in terms of advertisement amount. Can any body tell me abt their any noble work. Student don't get selection coz of coaching. They just coaching coz of atmosphere there.

  4. piyush said...

    Ruhi, As a student i respected my teachers the same way i respect my monther and father. But i am not blind. Just look at all four years result there are alteast 50 shared photographs each year. It is clear it is a scheme of publishing combined results by both institutes. 2007 Kanpur topper (I know personally) Sumit Dubey AIR 54 was publshed as top rank of Rankers Point Indore. Now I feel very sorry this year it was ur bros turn to get sold to Genius as he got a very good rank of AIR 76. Along with so many other students.
    Just analyze facts there really is no other way this could happen with even same design of ads and same photographs.
    A student getting rank < 100 sells somewhere in 8-15 lakhs range (not saying about ur bro) but a general Kota ballpark number. What has happened in ur case is these Rankers Point used your brothers success of some value in that range and cheated you out of the very basic respect for the relationship of teacher and student!! A Shame such a thing is allowed to carry on year after year.
    And I feel real sorry that a student and family member like you get exploited by these Decoits masked as teachers.
    It becomes your moral duty to open your eyes and stop this for once and for all.
    Please respond i really want to help you understand what has happened and how you and your family has been exploted in the most ugly manner.

  5. i was thinking of joining rankers the institute not worth joining???...i m in 11th so unexperienced..will somebody help me who has studied there plz

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